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Sealent, Foaming & Waterproofing
With energy costs continually on the rise and the need for a greener world, foaming / insulating of cavities at exterior walls and sealant work at exterior wall openings is crucial. Correctly done, foaming and sealant work minimizes air transfer and water / moisture penetration between the outside elements and interior of the structure. A proper barrier between the outside and inside will help keep warm air inside during the colder months, and prevent cold air from escaping during the warmer months. Minimized indoor temperature variances will result in lower heating and cooling costs due to lower energy demands!

Below-grade waterproofing of basements and garage structures is very important to prolong the life of any structure, and protect the contents inside from potential water damage. In northern climates, the freeze-thaw cycle can compromise the conditions of below-grade structures on a yearly basis. Preventative maintenance by waterproofing such structures deters ground-water penetration into the building.